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Osen/Vlive wrote an article about which male idol they thought had 'god-like' physiques. It would be boring if i just put in pics and list them out so...Collapse )Collapse )Source Twitter jinchile allbtspics glamoursehun notsafeforwonho Pinterest 1 2 3 Vlive Tumblr sunghaey Soompi 1 Animoapps 1 2 Kstarlive 1 Onehallyu 1 2 kpopmap 1 2 Wehearit 1 2 3 4 5 tv fanatic 1 junkee 1 hannahmiarazor Reddit 1 2 scoopnest 1 dilettwat standard 1 tenor 1 2

Mods, youre probably going to go through hell looking through all these sources Imma just let you know I didn't end
up using like 4-5 of them and forgot which ones so didn't delete it from the list. It's all for the pics in the post.